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Fancy a romantic weekend break?

Getting away for a romantic weekend with your loved one is a great way to bring thrill and romance back to the relationship. No one likes to fall into a comfortable routine, and what better way is there to liven things up than by escaping for the weekend for an adventure in the UK?

Horse Riding

Anyone who enjoys the countryside can enjoy a weekend getaway to FreeRein, located in Wales, where the horseback riding trails are rich with beautiful scenery and the freedom to ride horseback through the hills together for the entire day. With consideration to inexperienced riders, FreeRein offers riding courses and guided or unguided rides. When the day is up, couples can head over to one of the romantic inn's or farms for great food before watching the sunset over the coast of the UK.

Get Lost in Hampton Court Maze Together

Hundreds of years ago, a maze was a place where lovers could escape together in secrecy. The Hampton Court Maze is a particularly intriguing destination for romance because of its unique Renaissance appeal. As the oldest surviving maze in the United Kingdom, three centuries of romance thrives within the hedges of this puzzle piece maze located just outside Hampton Court Palace.

Visit the Blue Reef Aquarium - Newquay, Cornwall

The only thing better than a romantic getaway to the coast is a chance to experience the life that thrives beneath the sea. The Blue Reef Aquarium offers an opportunity for couples to embrace their inner child by paying a visit to the great white sharks, seahorses and hundreds of other species to be seen in the aquarium. After all, can it even get much more romantic than holding hands together in an undersea tunnel?

Log Cabin Getaways

Few things are more relaxing than escaping to a comfy log cabin for a little weekend romance. Whether sitting by a warm fireplace on cold winter nights or watching the sunset together in the summer, any couple can enjoy a weekend in a beautiful log cabin. Cabins and cottages make a great vacation destination because the getaway gives couples a chance to focus on each other and regain the intimacy that once brought them together. Instead of dining out at a fancy restaurant, why not prepare a meal together before dining out on the porch before the sun sets over the horizon?

Escaping for a weekend of romance doesn't have to be pricey to be luxurious. The key to any successful vacation getaway is choosing a destination that provides activities that suit the mutual interests of the couple. The chance to get away for the weekend provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond and connect with one another again on an intimate level.


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